How to introduce two languages in the family

In some cases, when in a family the mother and the father have different languages ​​to communicate, there is no need to be afraid and have no qualms about speaking to the children in two different languages ​​since they were little, so their learning will be much more adaptive and progressive.

If parents speak two different languages, it is beneficial for the little ones to offer different language options for communication. Speaking in two languages ​​will facilitate the learning of other languages, improve their social skills, linguistic awareness and their ability to concentrate.

Similarly, to also strengthen children´s language learning, parents usually opt for a British private school in Barcelona, ​​where students create new communication skills, strengthen their level of English and where they will be allowed to thrive in college as in your professional future anywhere in the world.

That parents register their children in a bilingual private school in Barcelona is a success for the little ones. In these centers they provide a highly effective education and learning experience, in order to prepare responsible, educated and caring people and citizens.

In order for a child to learn the management of two languages ​​well, one should not be forced to speak one or another language. In a first stage, the child captures, and when it is ready, it will begin to communicate in different languages. At the beginning it will mix the languages, but with the improvements and the advances, it will distinguish them clearly.